One of the biggest reasons that I started a YouTube channel was to add a personality to my blog. Showing my personality and character through writing is a lot harder than it is to act myself in front of a camera.

This year my blog naturally started moving more towards a lifestyle blog instead of just 100% fashion. I’ve always been obsessed with fitness, and home decor, so it makes sense that I’ve been tempted to talk about and share pictures with those categories as well.

Since A Style Breeze is a lifestyle blog, I wanted to have a platform where I can talk about life with you guys! As much as it feels like my life revolves around fashion, it doesn’t. This is my first “get to know me” vlog and I hope you guys enjoy it. Not only do I want you guys to get to know me, but I want to get to know you guys!

Please comment if we have anything in common or something a lot of people may not know about you!

Thanks for your love & support,