2016 Fashion Looks By Season

December 23, 2016

As 2016 starts to come to an end I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year. Over the next week there will be a couple different reflection posts going live.

Since this is my first calender year that has been completed I wanted to focus an entire blog post on my evolving style and the key trends I decided to focus on in 2016. Broken up into season I have chosen one key picture from each photoshoot as well as the main trends featured.

Spring 2016:

Key trends for Spring 2016 include platform supergas, lace up sandals, skinny neck scarves, off the shoulder tops, and fringe purses.

Summer 2016:

Key trends for Summer 2016 were platform supergas, metallic body suits, silk neck scarves, and mid length maxi dresses.

Fall 2016:

Key trends for Fall 2016 include mesh body suits, lace up belts, hats, graphic tees, over the knee boots, pointed ankle boots, and cullotte pants.

Winter 2016:

Key trends for Winter 2016 include, tights (polka dots, fishnets, etc) under distressed denim, big fur coats, turtlenecks, military jackets, and lots of velvet!

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