I know it may seem early, but this gift is absolutely worth planning ahead for. Be 1 of the 100 orders placed between now and November 10th to make sure your gift will arrive in time for Christmas. So what is this one of a kind gift?

It is called an AMOwave bracelet. This isn’t just any ordinary bracelet. These bracelets are individually made to order based on an audio clip. All you have to do is submit an audio clip of your favorite song, your favorite quote, or you telling someone something special.

These bracelets come in multiple finishes and sizes making them the perfect gift for any gender. I was so intrigued by this new product that I decided to interview the founder, Ian Bennett.

Interview With the Founder


Where did the name AMOwaves come from?

Amo stands for “love” in latin. When sound is created, waves are formed.

How did you get your concept for AMOwaves?

While Ian had a two month waiting period between graduating college and starting his full-time job he started playing around with 3d printers. Around that time his sister was about to leave to go abroad. Ian wanted to give her something special. He also wanted to give her something she could cherish for the rest of her life.

One night while laying in bed, (isn’t this when all of the good ideas happen?!) he thought of the bracelet idea, later to become AMOwaves.

Ian thought his sister would obviously like it, but was absolutely blown away by the emotional response that transpired after she opened her gift. After seeing how beautiful the bracelet was and the meaning behind the design, she began to cry. Ian was so moved by her response that he began to think of a way he could help other people experience that much joy from giving a gift to a loved one.

What makes AMOwaves so unique?

After giving this piece of jewelry to his sister as a gift Ian soon realized that there is a gap in the jewelry industry. Ian believes there is a huge opportunity to make the jewelry market multidimensional. Jewelry can be much more than aesthetically pleasing.

What was your biggest fear when taking on this venture?

Ian’s biggest fear was that he may have found a great niche, but that he may not fully understand all of the in’s and out’s of the jewelry industry. He trusted the market based off of the human and emotional responses he recevied when he talked about this bracelet.

If there is one lesson you’ve learned throughout this journey, what would it be?

“Surround yourself with passionate people. Passionate people that will challenge you and not be afraid to question your logic.” Ian says he wouldn’t be where he is today without these people.


To wrap up this interview, with one final question I asked Ian if you aren’t passionate about bracelets specifically, what are you passionate about? 

“I am passionate about the emotional response when people receive a gift like this. There are a lot of people out there that want to give a gift to someone that will result in this emotional response but they do not have the skill set or time to do it themselves. I want to make that happen.” 

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Whenever I give gifts, I always want it to be a thoughtful one. Because isn’t it the thought that counts? Well, an AMOwave bracelet is extremely thoughtful and fashionable (you know I wouldn’t write about it if it wasn’t). Although this bracelet is the perfect gift for everyone, there will never be two bracelets exactly alike.

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