I have officially launched my jewelry collection with @rachelkeppelerdesigns ! This collection is different from the rest of her designs because it focuses on minimalism with an edgy touch. I have never been a huge accessory fanatic, I typically focus on pieces that can add that final touch to any outfit without having to put too much thought into it.

Coming up with an outfit in the morning is already a long and thoughtful process for most people. I wanted to create a jewelry line that takes making another decision out of the equation. Therefore I created five necklaces that can all be layered together or worn separately. I normally layer two of them together, but that gives you the option of going as simple or as extra as you prefer.

I have owned these necklaces for over a month now and not one day has gone by where I’ve created an outfit and didn’t have one of these necklaces complete it. A few years ago statement necklaces were the big thing, now the trend is to stay minimal and dainty with your jewelry.

The first customer we had purchased the gold chain choker and the half moon necklace together. She said she has yet to take the half moon off since the day she received it. If she wants to add more flare to her look for a night out, she just adds the choker.

For more layering inspiration check out these options: