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One of the best trends you can wear during these late summer going into fall months is overalls. In this post, I am wearing an overall dress, but I am a huge fan of traditional overall shorts, and even an overall jumpsuit.

I specifically got these overalls from a lady who returned them to me while I was working at Nordstrom. Actually, the majority of my purchases made while at work are from other people’s returns. I know, it’s weird. Not just any return catches my eye, but specifically when I know this item is no longer carried in stock.

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It’s almost like the clothes are playing hard to get (they probably do a better job than most guys). It has to do with the psychology behind knowing that these are almost like a “one of a kind” now (even though they are coming from a huge retailer).

These overalls are Topshop brand and were on sale for $35 when they were returned. The price, uniqueness, and low quantity available made this purchase unquestionable in my book. These overalls can we styled all year round and add a touch of color to my monochromatic wardrobe.

I have already worn these overalls three times and have styled them in multiple ways. The first time I wore them, I styled them with a sleeveless graphic tee underneath and a pair of lace-up sandals. The second time I wore them, I chose to wear a black 3/4 flared sleeve top with a pair of converse.

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In this featured outfit, I decided to wear a simple long sleeve black top and maroon high ankle booties to give the overall look, even more, uniqueness. Another great option and super trendy right now is to wear an off the shoulder top with overalls.

Overalls may seem intimidating at first, but as proven above they are super easy to style! I’ve given you four different tops and three different shoe options to style your overalls whatever way you like!

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