A Unique Street Style Look





How I Determine My “Best” Looks

This one of my best street style looks of Fall 2016. I typically determine my “best” looks, by uniqueness. Street style can get super mundane after awhile so if I can make an outfit different and inspiring, but keep it street style then I have suceeded in my book.

Runway vs. Street Style

The reason that the runway shows are so inspiring and moving is becuase they are unique. Most people wouldn’t wear a runway outfit on the streets or even to a formal event because they are almost more of a form of art than they are a functional outfit (depending on the runway show of course).

Although street style is my forte, I don’t walk around in jeans and tshirts everyday. I still view getting dressed in the morning as a creative experience. The reason I styled this outfit the way that I did was to prove the point that street style can be just as inspiring. I picked some of my most street style staple items, but styled them in a way I have yet to see.

Styling is Key

Since most of my wardrobe consists of minimalistic nuetral items, you could say most of my individual clothing items are average. What makes them great is the way that they are styled together.

As you’ve seen from previous blog posts of mine, That Little Black Jumpsuit, I am a die hard fan of this mesh body suit. It is my favorite item of Fall 2016. However, I typically wear it underneath overalls, dresses, tshirts etc. In this post, I decided to wear it overtop of one of my cool bralettes.

This outfit is definitely more scandalous than my typical look, but it doenst feel like it because even though the body suit is seethrough, it’s still a turtleneck! Since the top is  bit more revealing, I decided to wear some striped Topshop jogger pants to tone it down. I also added a nuetral scarf to give me the option of covering up more or less depending on where I went that day.

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