Fall Plaids + Collared Shirts

October 16, 2017

This Cupcakes and Cashmere dress is one of the most transitional clothing items that I own. I’ve worn this dress by itself, as a jacket, as a shirt, wrapped around my waist as an accessory, it can do so much.

This dress is so casual sometimes it can come off as “sleepwear” inspired. I wanted to dress it up a bit today so I added this collared shirt underneath to give it more depth and layers.

For these transitional months from summer to fall, I like to wear dresses with booties. It is a great transition into the colder months without having to layer up too much.

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7 Outfits for 7 Days of the Week

October 4, 2017

Hi guys, thanks for watching my video! In this video, I will show you 7 different outfits for each day of the week. Because I work retail, I am allowed to be a bit more casual and fashion-forward Monday-Friday (some of you may need to modify a bit). Even if you aren’t able to wear these outfits during the week, you can use this as inspiration for date night, or a weekend out and about.  I am super curious to see which ones you will like. All of these items I have owned for awhile so I will tag similar ones below:

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Military-Inspired Fall Trends

September 28, 2017

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Guess what I am talking about today… surprise! Fall trends and more fall trends till someone stops me. Specifically how this is one of the most beautiful jackets I’ve ever seen and I always feel like the biggest girl boss when I wear it. Do you have a girl boss jacket? If not, this is the season to get one.

To many of you, this jacket should look very familiar. I purchased it last year from Nordstrom Rack and I continue to find excuses to wear it all year long. This jacket is the epitome of a Fall trend.

The rich olive green color and intricate details make this jacket such a bold piece. Free people really killed it with the attention to detail here with the beading covering the bottom of the jacket and sleeve detailing to the 9’s.

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Formal turned Streetstyle

September 28, 2017

Here is the ultimate mix of a bunch of different styles combining together to create the perfect Fall outfit. This silk dress is a gorgeous color for Fall and as shown above, can be easily transitioned from casual to dressy.

In these photos, I clearly styled the dress to be more of a street style look by adding a leather jacket and white sneakers. However, earlier this month I wore this dress to a wedding rehearsal. I ditched the leather jacket and went with a pair of heels with a nice clutch to dress up the outfit.

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How To Be More Confident

September 20, 2017

This video idea stemmed from a big change I’ve seen in my personal life. The more I realized how to become more confident, the happier I became and the more I started to get out of life.

Being confident allowed me to approach people and accept opportunities I would have never even thought about taking.

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