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The first day I got to Chicago, I decided to keep it casual and sporty. We had a full day planned of exploring boutiques and walking around Lincoln Park. The weather wasn’t too humid or hot which gave me a great opportunity to bring out the bomber jacket.

If you haven’t already experienced the street style bomber jacket trend this summer, you must check it out! This trend isn’t just a one-hit wonder, it’ll continue to appear season after season and decade after decade.

Bomber Jacket History

The bomber jacket was first worn in World War 1 by pilots. Since then it has only increased in popularity and is now worn by some of the most influential celebrities. If you’re interested in more of the history behind bomber jackets check out this article, it provides a great visual representation of how bomber jackets have progressed over the years.

Styling A Bomber Jacket

So how should you style a bomber jacket in the 21st century?

The best thing about bomber jackets is that they are super easy to style. I am always looking to add pieces to my wardrobe that are low maintenance. An item that can give a trendy and flawless look with minimal effort is priceless. I suggest pairing your bomber jacket with some distressed denim and a simple tank top for the summer. Once fall starts, you can add stronger layers.

Want One?

If you’re interested in getting a bomber jacket that will continue to re-trend, check out some of my favorite below. Some of these bomber jackets even include the patch trend that I talked about in my DIY denim post.

Shop bomber jackets here: