The Cincinnati blogging community is small, but powerful. Becoming a fashion blogger in Cincinnati, Ohio has really taught me how to work for recognition and success. Blogging in a city where fashion isn’t particularly active comes with many challenges.

Last night, I was able to bond with these local fashion bloggers over some typical daily struggles, life in general as a blogger, as well as long term goals we hope to accomplish one day.

Each blogger had an opportunity to meet one another allowing us to collaborate, share resources, and encourage each other in their blogging journey.

I am so grateful that this event was sucessful and that I was able to meet so many other inspiring bloggers in the area. Let me introduce you to the crew!

  1. LovingsBySarahDewald: Sarah is someone who I had been wanting to connect with for awhile. She ended up co-hosting the FERN event with me and I am so glad I got to know her through that experience. She has some of the best talent I’ve seen. She is not only a fashion blogger, but an incredible model as well. Highly recommend checking out her work!
  2. SimplisticJoys: Mallory documents her adventures in travel, style, and food on her blog. Mallory is the owner of @fadedthreadsvintage Instagram account as well. Faded Threads Vintage is an online vintage clothing store that ships for free in the U.S. Mallory always has the best eye for vintage! I’ve been begging her to take me thrift shopping with her.
  3. BetterInBlack: Aubrey started her blog to share her style with the world and grow as a desinger. Aubrey has one of the most entertaining websites I’ve ever experienced. I could stay on there exploring for hours. She has some super unique mood boards, a professional portfolio and a sustainability page. I can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes in the future.
  4. ChitChatChic: My coworker and close friend, Erin. Erin just recently launched her Instagram account for a school assignment, but has decided to keep it going! Her blog is still a baby, but I’ve seen her style customers and she’s got real talent. Let’s give her some love as she continues to grow her Instagram.
  5. DevCora: Devon currently operates @DevCora Instagram, is a style guru for CollegeFashionista, and a fashion major at The Art Institute Cincinnati. Upon graduation, Devon hopes to continue her work as a corporate visual merchandiser. Check out her IG!
  6. Katiecreepzalot: Katie is the jack of all trades. She covers everything from fashion, to lifestyle, and makeup! She also is great at vlogging, and even created a little vlog about our event. Check it out here, the whole video is fabulous, but our event is specifically from 8:45-10:10.
  7. ReginaMenninger: Gina is currently working and going to school in Cincinnati where she studies Design and Public Relations. Gina’s Instagram is very visually appealing and she has some super trendy street style looks featured on there! Go check it out.
  8. BaublesToBubbles: The preppiest and chicest girl at the event. Olivia loves fashion and specifically her jewelry! When she isn’t blogging, she is working full time as a realestate agent (or vise versa). If you’re a fan of JCrew, Banana Republic and Kate Spade, Olivia is your girl.
  9. AliciaMiller: Alicia is a blogger, model, and an “amateur photographer” (her words, not mine). Alicia blogs about life, and one of my favorite posts is from this summer. She talks about the top three lessons she learned this summer, find out what they are on her blog.
  10. JoeBinford: Last, but not least, the man behind the camera. Joe is a young freelance videographer and photographer in the Cincinnati area. He is the one responsible for all of these amazing shots of the event. He’s extremely talented and humourous. Go check out his work at http://www.joebinford.com.

These people I just talked about are all so inspiring and driven in very different ways. Each of them have unique talents and aspirations, but our passion for inspiration and community influence is what has brought us together. I am super excited to see the power moves that will transpire by this group in the future.