Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit

August 7, 2017

Not only is the jumpsuit a huge trend, it is now in rotation with my everyday pieces. You no longer need a special occasion to rock a jumpsuit. I used to pull out my jumpsuits only for weddings or nights out, but that is no longer the case.

This jumpsuit in particular, from Maude, is a great piece that can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the occasion.

The material is very casual making it appropriate for anything from grocery shopping, going to the beach, wearing it to work or even going out for the night. If you were going to be running errands I would just pair it with a cute sandal and leave the cold shoulders exposed. I wore this to work and made it office appropriate by adding a closed toe shoe and a cropped leather jacket. To transition it into a night look, add a cute simple strappy heel and a clutch!

My favorite thing about jumpsuits is that one piece can complete the entire outfit. You have the option of adding a layering piece but it is not necessary for the look to be completed. If you struggle putting together full outfits, I suggest trying a jumpsuit because they can make your life so easy.

If you’re sitting here thinking “I could never pull that off”, you are very wrong. This jumpsuit can flatter any body type out there. The v-neck gives a great neckline without cutting too low and the tie waist band tightens the jumpsuit as much as you prefer.

Today I encourage you to purchase your first jumpsuit if you don’t already own one. If you do own one, I encourage you to pull it out more often and rock it without a specific reason to!

Shop this jumpsuit: Summer Sands Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit






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