If you dissect this outfit and really take it apart, the items are pretty random.

  1. The cropped, distressed, hoodie is from H&M.(edgy)
  2. The belt is from ASOS and is a western styled belt. (western trendy)
  3. The cashmere sweater dress is Cupcakes & Cashmere. (preppy & classic)
  4. The fishnets are from Nordstrom (edgy).
  5. The ankle boots are from Zara (edgy).

All together this outfit is a combination of preppy, and edgy, with a little twist of western in there. This outfit originated from this Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater dress. I loved how simple it was and the cashmere was very comfortable. However, when I put it on, I just didn’t feel like myself.

Have you ever seen me wearing a preppy V-neck sweater dress? Exactly. Some people may just give up on an item altogether if it doesn’t feel like their style. Instead, I took it as a styling challenge. I loved the dress even though it wasn’t edgy enough for me so I decided I was going to make it work, I just needed to play around more with it.

I started off by pairing this dress with some over the knee boots, and it still felt a little too simple for me. I needed to accessorize more. Next, I added, the fishnet tights. I liked that addition. I then realized what I didn’t like was the v-neck top.

I looked through my closet to see if there was anything I could pair over the dress to cover up the v-neck feature of the dress. I found this distressed cropped hoodie and decided I would throw it on to see what it looked like.

I loved it! With just a small addition I felt more like myself. It made the dress more casual, comfortable and edgy. Because the hoodie made the look more casual I decided I would make my shoes more casual as well. I paired it with these extremely buckled ankle boots. With each little change, I felt more and more like myself.

Finally, I felt like I was almost at my complete look, but wanted to add a little touch of something. I decided a belt would be great for adding some structure, and bringing together the dress and hoodie. Even though the belt is western looking, it still did the trick because overall it is black and pretty simple.

This outfit is one of my best examples, as to how styling can completely transform an item. This look is very edgy, but the majority of the outfit is preppy, I just added edgy accessories. I love to combine edgy and preppy pieces because they are polar opposites.

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