When I think of fall, and “back to school” shopping, the first thing I think of is shoes. When I was younger I always got to buy a new pair of gym shoes for school and it was so exciting. I would spend weeks researching which colors and styles were trendy so I could get the coolest shoes. I knew I would be wearing these shoes for the rest of the year so I wanted to make sure I got a solid pair.

Now, I just buy a black pair of Nikes and move on from the gym shoe department. What I really focus on are my boots. If I had to pick a favorite pair of shoes, it would be my boots. This summer you could even argue that I wore more boots than I actually wore sandals (because of work), but still my preference.

Since shoes, in general, are so crucial to my wardrobe, I wanted to devote an entire blog post to my favorite shoes of the season. My goal this season is to get a new pair of shoes in each one of these categories. (I better start deal hunting and saving my money now!)

If you aren’t as shoe obsessed as I am, then good for you! If you want just a basic boot that you can slip on every day and not think twice about it then browse through my Essential Boots category below!

Essential Boots:



If you are searching for a more formal bootie for going out than I would look at these options below. A higher ankle is super trendy this season and can be found anywhere. What is great about the higher ankle booties is that they go really well with the ankle grazer denim that has been trending all year. Why not get a perfect pair of high ankle booties to go with your shorter ankle denim?

High Ankle Heeled Boots:



These next pair of shoes, I have yet to purchase, but are top on my list! I do get tired of wearing the same boots or pair of converse to work every day and would love a pair of platforms to mix in my wardrobe. These shoes are extremely on trend and give you some height without all of the pain. I love platforms because they are still just as comfortable as flat sneakers.

Platform Sneakers:



Next, mules! For awhile I kept hearing about these shoes, but honestly had no idea what they were. Mules were super in style in the 90’s and of course, have made a comeback (like most styles from the 90s). Mules are essentially shoes that slip on, meaning that they do not have a back to them. Although I am not allowed to wear mules to work, they are one of the best shoes you can own for the weekend! Everyone loves shoes that you can just slip on when you’re running out the door. They are also great shopping shoes because every time you go into a fitting room you don’t have to unlace and relace them up everytime. Finally, mules are a great transition piece from sandals to boots. Your toes are still covered, but they don’t add tons of warmth like a full boot would.




Lastly, a boot that you are very aware of from last year when they made their huge appearance. Over the knee boots! These were a huge trend last year and are back this year! If you jumped on board last year and bought a quality pair that is still in good shape then you are good to go. If you didn’t jump on board last year because you thought the trend would fade, you are officially wrong and need to get yourself some this year!

Over The Knee Boots:



I hope this post helped you guys revamp your fall footwear, feel free to leave me some comments below!