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I’ve been waiting all year for wedding season! Since most of my friends are still in their early 20’s I typically am not invited to a whole lot of weddings in general. However, this year I got lucky and had a double header on Saturday.


Both my cousin and good friend had weddings in the same city on the same day (lucky me!). Another lucky thing is that I’ve had my eye on this romper for quite some time, but had nowhere to wear it. Usually, when I can’t think of somewhere to wear something, I will buy it anyway and make plans in order to wear the item.

But with this romper, I was clueless as to where I could wear it, until… I got the wedding invitations. The second I realized I had two weddings the second weekend of October I immediately bought this romper.

The romper wasn’t my typical size, but it fit as perfectly as cinderellas slipper fit her foot. Does this ever happen to you and you just think its meant to be? That was me in that moment.


Now, you’re probably thinking “did she really wear a romper to a wedding?”.  Yes, I did wear a romper to wedding. But, only because of how fancy the romper was. With the bell sleeves, quality of the fabric, and richness of the design, I thought I could easily pull off the romper for a wedding.

The moment I saw this romper, I immediately thought it was going to be out of my price range (which usually is why I am so attracted to an item). The rich floral print and quality fabric gave me a very Ted Baker vibe. To my surprise, it was a Finder’s Keeper’s item. I love their pieces! They are always super reasonably priced, very unique, and on trend.

This piece was originally over $200 and I got it for under $80. There is no better satisfaction than finding a quality steal.

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