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I feel like most women either absolutely love fur and have multiple colors and types, or you don’t own any fur. I used to not own any until within the last year or two. I bought a cheap shaggy fur vest from American Eagle a couple years ago and that was my “tester” fur.

I definitely wasn’t going to invest, unless I knew that I would wear it a lot. If you splurge on a fur vest, you want to get your money’s worth. I would suggest buying a low priced vest to start out with. Like I said before, you are either a fur vest person, or you aren’t. Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone, but I believe it is true for most women.


I suggest not getting too crazy with colors when it comes to fur. I normally would suggest sticking neutral, with black as your #1 go-to, then brown or tans. However, as you can see, the fur vest I am featuring in this post has two colors going on. This is extremely unusual for me, but when I saw this vest it caught my eye and I ended up finding it very unique and trendy.

The reason these two colors work is because they are dark and somewhat neutral. A navy and gray combination doesn’t scream at you, but just gives you a fun twist to a fur jacket. Because the jacket has so much going on, I just styled a complete black outfit underneath.

When I went to Europe this past March, I knew that if I was going to buy anything it would be unique. I didn’t want to just come home with a basic item, I wanted something original and memorable. While shopping around at different boutiques, we ended up finding this little hole in the wall type shop. This is where I found the fur jacket and realized that this is the item I wanted to bring home with me. The fur vest was extremely unique and only cost me 30 Euros (about $33.58).

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