With the holidays coming to an official end majority of people are glad to move on and start 2018 with a fresh perspective and a new beginning. However, just when you think the holidays are over, here comes Valentine’s Day.

For some, Valentine’s Day is just another annual reminder of how single you may be. However, for me, I enjoy the holiday while fully embracing “My Single State of Mind” (as Andy Dorfman calls it).

Luckily, our generation has come up with a cure for any holiday dreadfulness. We now have Friendsgiving, Friendsmass, and my current favorite, Galentine’s day. This year I celebrated Galentine’s day with my best friend of 11 years. I’m proud to say this year’s Valentine’s Day topped the charts. And this is why….

My best friend had a lot to do with it, but wow, let me tell you about our night at Palomino’s. A restaurant I had never been to and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I knew it was an upscale European- inspired restaurant located in downtown Cincinnati, but I wasn’t expecting to have one of my best meals yet.

First of all, there is simply no better way to celebrate Galentine’s day than over a few glasses of wine, a filet mignon, and the best chocolate dessert you could have dreamed of.  I was blown away from the moment we walked into the restaurant. The employees were authentic and extremely personable making the night that much more enjoyable.

Galentine’s day at Palomino’s is now officially a tradition and I can’t wait to go back-

Cheers to all my gals out there, Happy GALentine’s Day!