Hi everyone!

I typically try to stick to business when it comes to my blog so you may not know that I am a senior in college and am quickly approaching my graduation this May! At Miami University, where I attend college, girls tend to wear a white dress to go with their red cap and gown, but by no means is that mandatory. I encourage everyone to be unique and choose whatever color you want even if it may clash with red. Since I am pretty monochromatic and simple anyway, I will probably end up with a white dress. A good option under a red dress may be another nuetral, such as a navy blue.
Whether you need a dress for graduation or any other summer event, these dresses are worth it. I went through multiple brands and retailers and picked my favorite white dresses. For temperature reasons I tried to stick to lightweight and sleeveless dresses. The gowns will already give us an extra layer and no one wants to be hot and sweaty in graduation pictures! If you are looking for a white dress other than for graduation, pairing it with a colored sweater or a jean jacket would be a cute addition.
In general, white dresses are a great bonus to any wardrobe. In contrast to patterns or bright colors, white dresses can easily be worn multiple times and in many different ways. That is one of the reasons I am going to purchase a white dress for graduation, so I can continue to wear it throughout spring and summer. If you go for a preppier look, feel free to match the white dress with colored shoes or a purse for a nice pop.

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