“Groutfit” or better known as what you can get away with wearing in secrecy, but should never be worn in public. Urban Dictionary knows what I’m talking about. When you type in “groutfit” on urban dictionary, this is what you get.

Well, Urban Dictionary is going to have to update their definition because groutfits are in! It all started with the monochromatic trend. People started slowly, but surely wearing the same color head to toe. At that point, I thought, okay it’s fine to wear all of the same color as long as it isn’t sweatpant attire. Boy was I wrong.

The groutfit is exactly what is trending, but trust me I am not complaining. I was one of those people that lived in my groutfits in the comfort of my home but did not dare to be spotted in public wearing one.

This could be one of the comfiest trends to ever be a part of fashion so I would take full advantage of it while you can. The only two guidelines I would give you in terms of wearing a groutfit, is 1. wear it sparingly (don’t over do it, or you’ll come off as a slob) and 2. keep it fitted and cute (don’t throw on an old baggy sweatshirt and oversized sweatpants with holes in them).

Although, I assume if you are even taking the time to read this blog post that you are smart enough not to do that!

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