What’s the best part of traveling?

Getting away from home, and all of the stress and to-do lists that come along with it.

What’s the worst part of traveling?

The actual act of traveling: Finding transportation to the airport, praying your flight doesn’t get delayed, that your luggage doesn’t get lost. Or even just the fact that you are giving up multiple hours of your day to get to a new location.

My recommendation?

A staycation!

This was my first staycation and let me tell you, it won’t be my last. I decided to take the weekend off and get away from home by driving a bit south of Cincinnati and staying in the lovely Hotel Covington. This couldn’t have been better since I felt like I was in a rut and needed inspiration, but didn’t want to waste my time and money traveling across the country elsewhere.

I came across Hotel Covington on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their aesthetic. I knew HC would be a place to recharge my creativity while also allowing me to relax and enjoy the weekend away from home. Hotel Covington is a lot more than just your typical hotel and let me tell you why.


Hotel Covington, formally a high-end department store, has stayed true to their original roots.  The hotel’s interior decor is a perfect mix between vintage touches and modern tailoring. Like I said, the interior decor is what caught my eye from the very beginning.

Where most hotels are temporary homes to visitors, HC is home to many locals in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. They have multiple areas within the hotel where you can stop in to hang out and enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee or a cocktail in their dining space, lounge space, or outdoor courtyard (no hotel reservation required).

The first night of my staycation, I enjoyed a 65 degree fall night out on the courtyard. The weather was perfect, the drinks were delicious, but the views were unbeatable.


HC has become so popular in the area that many of their hotel guests even have to make reservations days in advance at the Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar within the hotel.

I was worried I would be the only one staycationing, but as soon as I arrived on Friday afternoon, the hotel was filled with locals from—a small business meeting, a happy hour, coffee date, you name it. It was refreshing to see so many locals enjoying all that the hotel has to offer.

HC goes above and beyond to make this the place to hang out. Every Thursday night they have live music in the lobby and at the “Walk Up” they have grab-n-go food from Thursday through Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. to cure every late night craving. (open seasonly*)

After enjoying a night full of fun in downtown Cincinnati, I refused to go to bed on an empty stomach. Hotel Covington once again had my back. I visited the “Walk Up” around 1:00 a.m. and devoured the best burger I’ve ever had.

The “Walk Up” experience completed an unforgettable night.

Saturday morning I did what I do best, brunch. Not just brunch, but brunch in bed. There is no such thing as a successful staycation if it doesn’t involve pancakes, fashion magazines, and a huge bed. (If there is anything you take away from this article, let it be these words of advice!)

This morning I slept in as long as I possibly could and enjoyed an ungodly amount of locally roasted Carabello coffee.

Whether you feel like you need to get away, you’re actually traveling to Cincinnati from out of town, or you’re looking for a new dinner spot, I highly recommend Hotel Covington.

Hotel Covington is my go-to now for a local coffee shop, a trendy happy hour location, or some of the best food in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area.

Take my advice and treat yourself to a weekend at Hotel Covington, I’m sure I’ll see you there!