Something that has always been super important to me is feeling complete and content with the stage of life that I am in. This past year graduating from college, I felt in order to be complete and content, I needed a solid career path, a great group of friends, a healthy family, a boyfriend, and to be completely honest a to-die-for wardrobe.

Our society puts so much pressure on “having it all together” and they create norms for what your life should look like depending on how old you are and in what stage of your life you are in.

I graduated from college without a boyfriend, without a clear idea of my career path,  and on top of that majority of my friends were moving away to bigger and better cities. What I realized is that all humans are specifically created with this hole within their soul that can not and will not ever be filled with anything of this world.

I realized that even if I did have a boyfriend, a solid career path, a great group of friends, a closet full of designer clothing and a healthy family, that I still wouldn’t be content. There would always be something missing there, or a hole as I like to picture it.

You guys may be asking what this hole is? It isn’t a physical hole, but an emotional and spiritual hole. God created all humans in his image with the purpose of glorifying him. We were created to love our creator.

In order to fill this hole, we must get to know our creator. We need to realize how much he loves us and what he has done for us. We need to realize his grace and mercy and what it looks like to live for him.

Once we have a personal relationship with him and realize that he is the only one capable of filling this hole, the hole will be filled.

No matter how successful, rich, good looking, or popular you are, you will never fill that hole without knowing God.

I urge you to stop trying to fill this void in your life with temporary, worldly possessions and go straight to the source of your unfulfillment.

Don’t get me wrong, I fall for materialism all of the time. I mean I am a fashion blogger so I’m constantly looking at new trends and new clothing items that I feel the need to get my hands on. If I’m feeling bad about some other area of my life I try to make up for it by buying myself something new.

We all have different weaknesses and worldly pleasures that we turn to in order to make us temporarily feel better.

I just encourage you to draw near to the Lord and he will draw near to you.

The past year of my life, I devoted one hour every single day to spending time with the Lord whether that was sitting down and journaling, praying on the way to and from work, encouraging other women, volunteering in my community and at my church, I just drew as near as I could.

The result of choosing to do so is filling that hole and getting to look back now, knowing that was the best year of my life so far. Drawing near has only given me the foundation necessary to continue to strengthen my relationship with God and continue to live my life glorifying him and knowing my ultimate purpose for being here.