In my February clothing haul video, I talk about why I am embarrassed to be admitting that I just now purchased one of these beanies. Beanies, especially with the pom-pom on them, have been trending for quite some time now.

Usually, when there is a new trend, I do everything possible to get on board and immediately go purchase the specific item. For some reason, it took me a bit to find a beanie that I actually liked. Recently I was on (probably where I spend most of my time online shopping), and I came across this beanie.

It looked super cute on the model, and because they have a good return policy, I decided it was worth the attempt. Of course, I fell in love, I mean look at it!

These beanies don’t have to be worn when you are suited up in your winter layers. I styled it here for a casual 50-degree day. Earlier this week I wore it with white jeans and a cropped hoodie, while I went to hang out at Starbucks. There are multiple ways to style it but the biggest misconception is that you can only wear them when it’s super cold or snowing outside.

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