When do you wear a trench coat

How to Style a Trench Coat

trench coat street style

I knew I had to make a full post about this street style trench vest because I have owned it now for only about two weeks and have already worn it four different ways! That isn’t something I can easily do with a lot of other items in my wardrobe.

And not only can you style this in multiple ways, you can wear it all year round!

Here are some of my ideas as to how to style it for each individual season. For additional styling tips and tricks, check out my previous post on styling here.


This jacket is a great layering piece for spring. Spring can sometimes be unpredictable, and having items like this is essential for those moments. For spring time I would wear my street style trench vest over top of a flowy black, navy, dark gray, white, or even denim dress. Then I would pair it with some spring booties, or platform sandals.


I would wear exactly what I am pictured wearing above, or substitute the high waisted shorts for a leather skirt. I took this photo shoot in the summer and the trench coat added some flare to my solid black outfit, without adding too much warmth.

That’s what is so great about this item. The trench coat adds more to an outfit aesthetically rather than functionally, but in a good way. The trench coat makes every outfit look rad without adding too much coverage or warmth.


Wearing this in the fall has been my favorite way so far. (Probably because fall clothing is my favorite to work with.) I would wear this trench vest with a pair of destroyed denim, a long sleeve black crop top, and a pair of converse. This outfit is extremely street style chic and can be worn anywhere!


Finally for winter, I would go with an all black outfit. Black high waisted denim, and the same long sleeve black crop top from the fall outfit, with a pair of killer black booties. This outfit is as bold as it gets.

Make It Professional!

This piece is so versatile because you can wear it all year round, and on top of that you can even wear it to the office. If you do not have to wear business professional clothes, this trench coat is perfect. I would style it with a pair of business pants, and a blouse.

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