*Photos by Matt Finch Studios

Since ASB’s main goal is to provide you with inspiration, I typically try to style very unique and different looks to feature on the blog. However, sometime’s I think it’s absolutely necessary to post a “normal” outfit every once in awhile.

This outfit is the definition of cute, trendy & casual. Tieing plaid around your waist has been in for quite awhile now, but I mixed it up a bit by adding this cropped distressed hoodie and a pair of super mini heels.

These heels used to remind me of my mom, or even grandma. My mom always had a super old pair of heels like this in her closet. The heel is about a half inch high and the boots are super pointed.

The more fashion forward I’ve become, the more I’ve started to appreciate this style. It’s all about how you style it though. I always say this, but you probably shouldn’t wear these shoes if you also dress like a grandma because then they would still probably look like grandma shoes.

Pointed shoes are everything for me right now, I rarely will buy a shoe if they aren’t pointed. I love this heel height as well because being 5’8 I don’t need a whole lot of help with height, so comfort is key when it comes to footwear.

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