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One of my favorite trends right now and something I have been doing all summer is wearing booties with bare legs. I love to pair booties with dresses, skorts, skirts, anything that will leave your legs exposed.

This trend allows you to slowly transition into fall while staying cool during the hot August and September temperatures.

Another reason why I love this trend is because I don’t have to wait till it’s officially autumn before I bring out my brand new booties. I mean we all know how hard it is to purchase a pair of new shoes and just let them sit there until it’s “appropriate” to bring them out.

Shopping for upcoming seasons early is one of the best things you can do. It’s financially smart and a lot less stressful. I started my fall shopping during the end of July and early August because of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that was going on.

The reason that I say it is financially smart is because since I started looking early I didn’t have the pressure to buy the first pair of booties I saw in order to get them in time for an event. I mean finding the right pair of black booties is not as easy as it sounds.

I compared multiple store’s options and price points. After bringing home a couple pairs and trying them on with some of my outfits, I found this great pair of booties for less than $100! Not only were they affordable, but they are a designer brand.

I found this great steal at TJMaxx, of course. It was the last pair left and they happened to be exactly my size. If this isn’t a true love story than I don’t know what is. Don’t you love when that happens?

I had found these booties after trying on multiple pairs that day that were almost double the price. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to shoe shopping.

Another tip of advice I have when it comes to shoe shopping is to be realistic and smart about what you will actually wear a lot. I am absolutely obsessed with the high ankle heeled boots, but I know that I am on my feet all day at work and I wouldn’t get as much use out of them as I would a lower heel.

Find your perfect heel height and don’t above that height no matter how much you love a pair of shoes. I have a couple pairs of gorgeous heels that I get to admire in my closet, but they rarely see the daylight because of the lack of comfort that they offer.

During the bootie hunt this season, I was tempted multiple times to just suck up the pain and get a higher heel than I preferred, but I am so glad I didn’t. Because just by waiting a little bit longer, I ended up finding a pair I love and I know that I can actually wear them all the time because they are super comfortable.

Think about all of the shoe designers out there, don’t give up if you go to a couple stores and can’t find what you’re looking for. Your perfect pair of booties are out there somewhere!

Comment below if you have any shoe recommendations!

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