Hi, thanks for stopping by! Guess what I am talking about today… surprise! Fall trends and more fall trends till someone stops me. Specifically how this is one of the most beautiful jackets I’ve ever seen and I always feel like the biggest girl boss when I wear it. Do you have a girl boss jacket? If not, this is the season to get one.

To many of you, this jacket should look very familiar. I purchased it last year from Nordstrom Rack and I continue to find excuses to wear it all year long. This jacket is the epitome of a Fall trend.

The rich olive green color and intricate details make this jacket such a bold piece. Free people really killed it with the attention to detail here with the beading covering the bottom of the jacket and sleeve detailing to the 9’s.

It seems like every single year that fall comes around, my favorite trends continue to be military and menswear-inspired fashion. Blazers, leather, and denim seem to be the only thing you need in your wardrobe this year.

No matter how killer your outfit is, a good bootie is also a necessity. These high ankle booties here go with all of my favorite outfits. You will typically always see me going with a black shoe because they match all of my handbags and accessories. No offense to brown, but black will always have my heart.

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