My shoe collection is something that I am consistently updating. We can call it an addiction, or we can call it a collection. I prefer to call it a collection.

As you can tell, I have a lot of black ankle booties. To some of you, they may all look the exact same. To me, they are very different and serve different purposes in my wardrobe.

I believe that there are people who prefer brown accessories and people who prefer black, and very rarely there are people that prefer both. I think it’s quite obvious, but out of all of these shoes there is only one brown pair. Whether it’s a belt, a watch, a purse, I usually always go with the black option.

However, since I am almost hitting that threshold of having a black pair of shoes to serve every purpose, I would like to add more colors. I am really loving the white shoe trend of 2017 and am looking for a couple white pairs to join my wardrobe.

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