It’s finally spring! I was able to take a couple photoshoots in the nice weather before it started snowing here, I know right?! That’s definitely Cincinnati weather for ya. Whenever the season changes I always contemplate what I will miss most about the previous season and what I am most looking forward to for the next season to come. In terms of Spring, I typically would say that I am going to miss my booties and sweater layering. I am most excited about getting to whip out these gladiator sandals again! This season I am not going to put these booties or sweaters away. Changing seasons used to be such a hard thing for me. Having to put certain clothes in the back of my closet until the next year was the worst part. Now this is not an issue because I do not believe in clothing rules anymore. I believe that wearing white jeans in the winter definitely is a bold move, but if you wear it right I don’t think anyone will doubt your decision. This season I am going to incorporate my booties into more spring outfits. Keep an eye out for this wardrobe change that I am super excited about!

While were on the topic of transitioning, this non-symmetrical shift dress featured in this post is a great transition piece between seasons. This super cool piece is from Free People and my favorite part about it is the randomness that it entails. I love that it isn’t symmetrical all the way around. Shift dresses tend to get pretty basic sometimes so I encourage you to go out and find something unique. This dress doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, but the turtleneck and fabric do provide a little extra warmth if it does get cold out.

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