NYFW Top 3 Trends

Yes, fashion week ended a bit ago, and I am still talking about it. There were so many different celebrities, retailers, and bloggers involved in fashion week that are still finishing up their NYFW recaps. (hoping one day I can give my own live recap)

Last night while browsing on Pinterest, I decided I would do my own virtual recap featuring my top three favorite trends from NYFW 2016.

NYFW Trend 1: Pattern on Pattern

Mixing different patterns and prints together has probably always been a fashion no-no to you. When I first think about mixing different prints together, I think of someone who would be featured on “What Not to Wear”.

Even when I am styling someone and I see a print, I automatically advice pairing it with something very simple. A lot of the time I can catch myself saying “you don’t want there to be too much going on here.”

This trend is an idea that I absolutely love, but definitely, will push me out of my comfort zone the more I start to lean toward minimalism. The hard part is that you can’t just pair any print with any pattern. I would stick with colors that compliment each other and prints such as florals, animal prints, and stripes.

Olivia Palermo mixes her wide vertically striped pants with a skinny vertically striped shirt and a floral jacket. Olivia has been seen wearing stripes on stripes quit a lot recently, and I absolutely love the idea.

NYFW Trend 2: Metallic

The second trend that I specifically love from NYFW is the ongoing theme we’ve seen this summer of metallic pieces. I have previously talked about the amazing metallic trend and am pumped that it continues to thrive.

My favorite metallic pieces thus far have been my Topshop metallic body suit, metallic loafers, and metallic skinny neck scarves.

However, the ensemble featured in the middle of the photo is absolutely stunning. The full metallic suit is super chic and bold. I would absolutely love to get my hands on something similar. (Feel free to send me one!)

NYFW Trend 3: Pop of Red

Finally, another trend that can’t go unnoticed is the bold pop of red that has taken over the streets of New York. Whether it’s these red leather pants that are featured, a leather jacket, booties, or a purse, it’s a huge hit. I love the idea of pairing it with a graphic tee.

Considering that it took me three years to commit to a black leather jacket, hopefully,  I can get a red one sooner rather than later.


What all three of these trends have in common is that they are all extremely bold. You have to be confident to walk down the street wearing prints head to toe, a full metallic body suit, or red leather pants. This challenge to be bold is what excites me day to day.

However, most people probably do not prefer to be this bold. If you do not like the idea of being this bold, then still key in on these trends, but tone it down as many notches as you prefer.

For example, rock a subtle stripe on stripe outfit, a metallic scarf, or a bright red leather belt. These outfit ideas will still give you a very on trend outfit without necessarily having everyone turn and look as you walk down the street.