This winter fashion look is something else and I’m all about it. Graphic tee, boldly printed shorts, leather jacket and over the knee boots isn’t your normal scarf and sweater go to.

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean that you have to lack all sense of creativity and style in order to stay warm and winter appropraite.

You may think shorts are taking it a bit too far, but they add just as much if not more warmth than your average mini skirt. Pairing the shorts back to an over the knee boot instead of a short bootie adds more warmth and coverage through the leg.

Originally I was going to choose a simple neutral top to complete the look until I remembered I had this graphic tee. The graphic tee played off of the warm tones in the shorts very well and was simple enough to avoid clashing.

This is one of my favorite looks this season and I hope it encourages you enough to step outside of the box when it comes to winter fashion and comfort!

Love you lots,