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An oversized button up is what many people, including myself, call a timeless piece. It took me awhile to get into this trend, to be honest. Majority, of the white button up shirts I have seen in the past, seemed extremely masculine to me. This top caught my eye in a unique way.

This top is unique in a couple of different ways. Specifically, the two pockets on the front are extremely large, which I love! Along with the unique pockets, there are slips up the side, and the overall white blouse is extra sheer. Overall, these qualities make the blouse much more feminine.

What is so great about this item, is that you can style it multiple ways. For two easy styling examples, (1) you can wear this top alone by itself buttoned up or (2) unbutton it and style it like I have it featured.

In this look, I combined both a timeless item- the button up, with a super on trend item, the slip dress. The sleepwear trend that is an absolute phenomenon didn’t end with a slip dress. Bloggers and retailers have continued to play off this trend and create more sleepwear hits. In this look, I think the white button up enhances this night time trend.

An oversized white button up seems to consistently be styled as a “morning after” type attire. Pairing the slip dress and white button up together is a polished way of playing this trend. If you don’t already own a white button up top, shop the links below, or steal your boyfriends! (and if you’re single like me steal your brothers)

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