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What jeans to wear

what shirt to wear with grey denim

Black denim is more than likely my denim of choice. Of course, blue denim is amazing as well, but for some reason, black is my go-to. If you’re like me at all, during the fall you can get somewhat sick of wearing the same denim over and over again. That’s why this year you can switch it up by adding a piece of grey denim in your wardrobe.

I absolutely love these grey, Hudson jeans. I purchased this pair from the absolutely amazing boutique, Sara Benjamin’s, in Cincinnati, OH. They’re extremely comfortable and can be style with more than you might think. I’ve decided to pair my grey denim with a black tank, a leather jacket, and a skinny neck scarf. Grey goes well with black, navy, white, burgundy, and olive green. These are colors you will naturally have in your wardrobe for fall, which makes it super easy to create an outfit.

From what I have noticed with a lot of my friends, people are afraid to branch out! They like to wear what they are comfortable wearing and aren’t typically willing to try anything new.

I suggest taking a small step towards improving your wardrobe this fall by being spontaneous with some fresh neutrals! I’m not asking you to walk around wearing neon yellow, but grey denim can make a dramatic impact on your wardrobe and its super trendy this fall.

If you already own grey denim, I would love to hear how you style it! Please leave me a comment below.

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