After doing some research on NYFW Spring 2017, these are my top 5 trends to note. Within these top 5 trends, I give insight into a couple colors, accessories, and keynote pieces.

Yellow & Every Shade Of It

Both Vogue and Elle Magazine feature the color yellow trending in Spring/Summer 2017. Many of you may think that yellow just isn’t your color, however, all shades of yellow are trending so you may just be able to make it work.

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Deconstructing Shirting

This title was taken from Vogue because it simply is just the best way to describe this trend. This trend includes any type of shirt that looks abnormal in a way. We all know how big the cold shoulder trend has been, but this spring anything goes! Designers have shown looks with one cold shoulder, a “flash dance shoulder” (looks like your shirt fell off one shoulder), essentially anything exposing a shoulder or two is game.

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Waist Clinchers

As many of you may know, this is already one of my favorite trends! As of now I only own one basic black tie up waist clincher, since they’re continuing to trend I may need to pick up a few more for spring.

Many of you have commented on my Instagram posts of the waist clencher asking where I got it. I purchased my first one for less than $20 at New York and Company. I haven’t been in that store in years, but as soon as I heard they had them, I went there immediately.

Hopefully, more retailers will start carrying these accessories. I feel like there is so much potential out there for some really cute product.

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Still one of my favorite trends this Fall/Winter, so I was super excited to see that it wasn’t going anywhere. I got my first pair of Jefferey Campbell slip-ons a couple weeks ago and they have been life changing.

I wear them all the time, they are super convenient, stylish, and comfy.

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The New Trench Coat

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post on how to wear a trench coat all year long. This post would be super helpful to read if you still were curious about how to style a trench coat.

If you were to purchase a trench coat this spring, don’t worry about it every going out of style or only being seasonal. A trenchcoat is an underrated classic piece.

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