I have always had a love-hate relationship with rompers. In fact, I think most people do. It is difficult to find a romper that is flattering on most bodies. I like to wear pieces that can be easily transformed or worn again in a different way and I feel like sometimes I lack that flexibility with rompers. This romper is absolutely perfect by itself, but of course, I wanted to add some more details. Unfortunately, we are still having a pretty cold spring, so wearing this romper by itself would not have been the most comfortable choice. I decided to pair it with this black leather jacket, a skinny neck scarf, and booties. Adding these pieces transformed this chic romper into a completely bold ensemble. If I wanted to dress up this romper, I would lose the leather jacket and add heels or over the knee boots for the winter time. This romper can easily be worn during any season of the year which is a huge perk. The print on this romper is to die for. Typically if I were to purchase a romper I would stick with a neutral so I could wear it more often, but this printed romper is the ultimate exception.

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