Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular on college campuses. Even though I planned to study abroad and it didn’t work out, I always wondered how you could pack only a couple suitcases for an entire semester of traveling. This past spring break when I went on a mission trip to Montenegro, I was able to get a glimpse of what it’s like to pack for a trip abroad. I was only going to be in Europe for 10 days and I still struggled trying to figure out what I would need without packing my entire wardrobe.

After experiencing a week in Eastern Europe, I thought I did a decent job of packing. Not many Americans visit Montenegro so I definitely stood out, but my style kept me feeling confident even after being stared down by almost everyone. My style (neutral colors and a lot of black) already fit into the Eastern European trends pretty well. What I packed for this trip the main items I included were:

– All different kinds of black shirts
White shirts
– Flannels
– Scarves

– Two pairs of denim (light wash & dark wash)
– High- waisted black jeans (of course!)
– Leather leggings
– Normal leggings

Leather Jacket (Must-have!)
– Rain Jacket
– Pea Coat

– High Top Converse
– Over the Knee Boots
– Short Booties
– Rain Boots
– Gym Shoes

The key to coming out with as many outfits as possible while packing the least amount possible included wearing a lot of neutral colors and mixing and matching outfits. A lot of the time I would repeat the top, but switch it up by adding a scarf or flannel to it. The outfit I am wearing above was one of my favorites. Pairing a sporty (striped sleeve) crop top with my high-waisted black pants and long sweater gave me a nice look while providing comfort. The biggest thing I learned about traveling or studying abroad is that every day is different, and as a tourist you have very long and active days full of tons of pictures. When studying abroad you are most likely taking tons of pictures that you’ll look back on years from now, this is why you want to look your best. But, I definitely suggest not walking around in heels and a dress. This outfit allowed me to be active, while also looking presentable.

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