I recently watched a documentary called The True Cost that has to do with fast fashion and sweatshops. If I am going to be blogging about fashion I want to be familiar with the industry. I want to be aware of what clothes I am buying and where they are coming from, especially if I can have an impact. We as consumers have the power to control what we buy and in return feel good about its effects on other humans. The documentary truly hit home and made me want to simplify my wardrobe. You will start to see a gradual change from my current wardrobe. I want to become more minimal and shop smarter! This isn’t a post bashing the big retailers, but if I am going to make a change I want you all to be aware of it!

Skirts have been a huge trend this season and I finally jumped on the bandwagon. I am always hesitant to shop trends because I want to minimize my wardrobe, but a skirt like this I don’t see going out of style soon. Both suede and denim skirts are in right now. I ended up going double suede with my flats which is a unique touch.

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