For this blog post, I’m changing the saying “little black dress” to “little black jumpsuit”. A little black dress is still important in a wardrobe, but at this point it is a pretty obvious must-have item.

I want to take some spotlight off that perfect little black dress and emphasize why you need that perfect black jumpsuit. I specifically love talking about items that you can wear during all four seasons.

Why spend money on something you can only wear part of the year? In a previous post, I talked about the trench coat vest and provided specific examples of how you could style it throughout the entire year.

I want to do the same for this black jumpsuit. Yes, jumpsuits may not look good on everyone, but if you can pull it off, I suggest you do. This jumpsuit I am wearing I got from Zara for $70. Now $70 isn’t what I consider cheap, but definitely reasonable for a quality item that you can wear all year long for multiple years to come. The cost per wear is going to be an incredible for an item such as this.

Why does this specific jumpsuit earn the title of “that little black jumpsuit” in my wardrobe? I’ll tell you why. I love the culotte look to the legs of the jumpsuit as well as the side cutouts and open back. This jumpsuit is very simple, but has very great details. The pant jumpsuit and cutouts make it perfect for any season.

For spring and summer, you can simply wear it by itself and just add accessories and wedges or sandals! In the spring, if it is still a little bit cold, add a denim jacket or sweater for a light layer.

For fall and winter, there are many layering options. I would suggest wearing a leather jacket with it, or like I have it styled here, add a mesh body suit underneath. Another option, is to just add a long sleeve turtleneck underneath, which is a top layering trend this season.

In addition to the turtleneck layering trend, another trend that was played in this outfit is the lace up belt. Not only does the belt give my body more shape, it adds detailing. I bought this belt for about $15 at New York & Company. I think this belt is a game changer when it comes to this outfit.

I like my outfits to be edgier, so I decided to do a black lace up belt. If you prefer to style it more classic than just add a simple black or brown belt to it and possibly a scarf. If you prefer to style it preppy, add a cheetah belt or pop of color!

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