#NYFW Spring 2017

Since fashion shows are always a season ahead, I decided that since the NYFW Spring 2017 shows just finished, that we would throw it back to Fall 2016. All of the retailers and merchandise buyers have already moved on to the next season, but us normal people are still trying to figure out the season in front of us.

I love to be informed of all upcoming trends and colors in advance, but I also liked to focus on one season at a time. I’m assuming that most of you have just started shopping for fall 2016 since we don’t even have the option of shopping for Spring 2017 yet.

#NYFW Fall 2016

In order to prepare you for Fall 2016, I wanted to share the color palette that is trending this Fall! The colors are very “earthy” but vibrant in their own way. The quote from the Pantone Color Institute describes the palette in a better way than I could ever attempt. “Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic.”

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