Hi guys, thanks for watching my video! I am so so excited about this one. I love mixing it up from my typical fashion videos by talking home decor.

I also love to see how much you guys enjoy my home decor videos! I have been loving decorating recently and playing around with different interior design trends.

The top 5 trends I listed in this video include: 1. Velvet 2. Plants 3. Clothing Rack 4. Circle Mirrors 5. Industrial Details

Both my room and Erin’s apartment have similar styles. We both love the idea of mixing wood and metal with a few plants here and there. The circle mirrors are very minimalist but really steal the spotlight in both of our rooms.

One thing I didn’t mention as a trend was fur accessories, but as you noticed in the video, we both have accessorized our home with fur blankets. I think sometimes my decor can get very nuetral and industrial that I need to add fur in order to make it feel like a home and a little bit cozier.

Let me know your favorite trend and thanks so much for watching!

Love you all,