Welcome to my first Vlog and the start of my YouTube journey! From reading my 2016 recap, you know how big of a year 2016 was, probably the biggest year I’ve had yet. This past year was all about getting to know myself. I never fully understood what that meant until this year. I always thought, how do you not know yourself?! That doesn’t even make sense. Until I started my fashion blog, graduated college, lived by myself, traveled out of the country, and survived a breakup did I really find myself. You do not need to do all of the above in order to find yourself, but big life changes, and personal challenges are great ways to really find yourself.

After this hurtle of a year, I knew I didn’t want to just glide through 2017, I wanted to make just as big of an impact. I decided I wasn’t going to wait for challenges to happen, I was going to start out challenging myself. As January 1st, quickly approached I thought of New Year’s Resolutions. Nothing appealed to me. Because I like to go all out, I asked myself, “What is something I said I would never do?”… YouTube was the answer. Therefore here is the start of my YouTube channel.

I didn’t just start a YouTube channel simply because I said I never would, but when I actually thought about it, I really started to understand how impactful and helpful it could be. I always said I wanted Astlyebreeze to be a refreshing destination specifically for those visual learners like me. So YouTube is perfect.

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Love you guys,