Hi guys, thank you for stopping by my channel and checking out this video. I made a video last year talking about my top 5 winter coats and it is still one of my most popular videos yet! ( https://youtu.be/D7FsdpiH_3o )

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Being warm and comfortable is very important for the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be cute and fashionable.

Which coat is your favorite?! Which type of coat am I missing?

Shop these coats (or similar ones):

1. Gray Trench Coat: http://bit.ly/2ArnSHA

2. Sherling Black Coat: http://bit.ly/2A2EDYs

3. Plaid Trench Coat: http://bit.ly/2mYA0d6

4. Red Cropped Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2jV5UGh

6. Sherling Coat: http://bit.ly/2zx8AkC