For the past year or two, denim has been making a statement. I like to think denim got to a point where they were sick of being the backup dancer, they wanted the spotlight back.

I remember just a few years back, the only option there was for denim was a skinny jean, straight leg, bootcut and maybe a flare if you wanted to be bold. So you had four styles to choose from and each most likely came in a dark wash and a light wash, but no interesting hem line and no distressing.

The sole purpose of your denim was to just be a basic bottom that wouldn’t steal any attention away from the top you wore or the fabulous shoes you were going to rock. However, within the past year or two, I’m proud to say that denim has made a comeback!

Denim is stealing the spotlight and has brought back so much excitement into my wardrobe. I never even started wearing jeans until a few years ago when there started to become more options.

This pair of jeans I am wearing in these photos are definitely my most out-there pair. I found these on sale at Zara for only $10. These jeans make such a statement, that my shirt and shoes have now become the “back up dancers” to say the least.

A pair like this, I wouldn’t suggest spending too much on just in case they do go back out of style. However, a stair step hem or a distressed straight leg jean will be staying around for the next few years.

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