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Transitional Style

Fall Fashion Accessories

A great way to start to get ready for fall and slowly transition your summer wardrobe is to continue to wear your summer pieces but pair them with your fall accessories. For example, in this look, I wore my favorite summer slip dress with a scarf, fall booties, and a hat.

This slip dress has been trending all summer and not only do I plan on wearing it through the fall but also the winter. This outfit here is a great example of how I would style it for fall. By adding this scarf and hat, I haven’t added very many layers, but I have significantly impacted the entire vibe of the outfit.

I suggest finding a cute hat for this fall. When I purchased this hat I even caught myself saying, “but where would I even wear this?”. This is something that I have tried to not let myself say. Don’t get me wrong, it is smart to not purchase things if you will never wear them, but if confidence is an issue then that’s something to work on. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is one of the best things about fashion.

I’m always challenging myself to wear things I never thought I would as well as trying my best to be ahead of the trends. Being ahead of the trends essentially means you have to have the guts to wear something before everyone else thinks it’s cool. You may get looked at weird in the beginning, but it’ll be worth it when you get credit for being the trendsetter.

Another autumn option for styling this slip dress would be adding a flannel and converse with it. When I transition this look for winter, I will probably layer a long sweater with tights and boots.

What allows this slip dress to be transitioned through so many seasons is specifically the olive green color. This color is amazing because it is timeless when it comes to seasons. I know, I’ve been super aggressive about this color recently, but it truly does deserve a spotlight.

In conclusion, this look is great for keeping cool because you aren’t in full layer mode, but if temperatures do drop you have the scarf there as an option to bundle up.

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