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I am not a huge accessory person and I typically am not a fan of belts. I always thought a belt would take away from the outfit rather than add to it. I would argue against it being functional as well, because if you need a belt then your pants don’t fit right.

However, there is one belt that is an exception. The accessory trend I’m super into is this western style leather belt. I got this real leather belt from Asos for only $26.

Why I Love It

The belt adds the perfect touch of detailing to my favorite high waisted black denim. The pants I bought do fit perfectly, but I use the belt to add flare to a simple outfit.

Whenever I’m in a hurry or running errands all day, I love to just pair my high waisted denim with a casual t-shirt.

The western leather belt is a great way to pull the entire outfit together.

Simplicity Is Key

The big key here is to keep the outfit simple. My wardrobe isn’t very western themed, and nor do I want it to be, but the scarf also works as a great accessory to tie it all together. The scarf is a simple square scarf that I styled to give it more a western vibe.

If you want to add a touch of detail to accentuate some of your simple outfits invest in one of these belts! Or if for some reason your pants don’t fit, the belt is very functional as well!

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