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Win A Free Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer ($130 Value)

The Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer is my current obsession this holiday season. Connect your phone to this travel sized printer and print any image right on the spot! With this printer you’re definteily sacraficing quality for time, but these images aren’t supposed to be professional pictures. They are supposed to be cute little images portraying fun memories with friends, trendy hotspots, favorite instagram posts, selfies, whatever you would like. What I love about this printer is that it truly captures a natural moment.

Perfect Travel Size

The reason I am choosing not to give away the Fujifilm Instant Camera is because who has space to carry around one of those chunky cameras? All of my favorite pictures are taken and saved right on my cell phone. The Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer allows you to still print photos instantly and the same size as the Fujifilm without having to carry around the bulky camera.

Long Term Cost Incentive

Another advantage with the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer is that you are able to view the image before deciding to print it. The paper that comes with this printer can definitely add up and get expensive, so being able to see the image on your phone first will help you pick and choose which images you actually want to print!

This printer is great for anyone who likes to take pictures. You do not have to be a photographer or fashionista by any means, but just someone who wants to capture their memories in a unique and trendy way.

Why am I giving this away?

Great question, because I really do want one of these printers for myself. The reason I am hosting this giveway is to ultimately thank you guys. You have no idea how much I appreciate each individual like, comment, and view I receive from you.

The months of November and December always remind me to be thankful for what I have and to be generous to those around me. This Polaroid Mobile Printer is just a small way of saying thank you for your consistent support.

How Does The Giveaway Work?

This giveaway will go on for 1 week. Everyone on my email list will be automatically entered into the contest. If you share this blog post with your friends on a social media account, your name will be entered twice!

If you are reading this blog post, but are not a subsriber, enter your email at the top of the page (it’s that simple) if you would like to be entered. Subscribing just means you’ll stay in the A Style Breeze loop and be the first to hear what’s going on. But, don’t worry I only send emails bi-monthly.

When Will I Announce The Winner?

The winner will be announced December 12th. On that day I will contact the winner to get their shipping address. Just in time for them to use their new toy before Christmas! I’m so excited to see who wins!

What is The Deadline For Entering?

Everyone must enter before December 11th at 11:59 p.m.

Visit this link for additional product details.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks for all that you do,