As many of you know, our culture is constantly changing. This past decade has been all about coming up with products and services that will simply make your life that much easier. Whether it’s getting your dry cleaning picked up, cleaned, and dropped back off or signing up for a monthly grocery delivery, companies know what is most important to us. Convenience and time.

That’s why these services are amazing, because how many times have you gone to the grocery store and forgotten an ingredient or you’re running there at 11:00 p.m. because you just didn’t have time earlier.

The reason I am writing this article is because this year I really wanted to expand my wine palate. I’ve gone in the grocery store multiple times asking the wine guy for suggestions.  One time I ended up spending an entire hour in the wine aisle trying to figure out which one to get.

Unfortunately, I never plan ahead when it comes to alcohol. I’m always last minute running to the grocery or liquor store right before heading out the door.

To avoid this from happening again I really wanted to sign up for a monthly wine service. All of the options I found seemed too expensive for my *just out of college income* or they came with a contract.

Then I found Winc….

What’s Winc?

Winc delivers 4 bottles of wine each month for only $52. Just by answering 6 simple questions, Winc will choose 4 bottles appropriate for your taste preferences. Giving you the option of choosing as many whites or reds are you prefer.

In total, that’s only $13/bottle, which is typically what you would spend if you were purchasing one of the cheaper bottles in the grocery store. However, the price continues to get better.

Discount Code

Because my experience with Winc was so positive, I decided to collaborate with them to give you guys a special discount. Follow the link, and use the code “astylebreeze” to get a $22 discount! That means you can get 4 bottles of wine, for only $30 + complimentary shipping. Seriously what a steal. You are only paying $7.50 per bottle.

No Obligations

There is no additional fee at all to join this monthly service. You can skip as many months as you want or cancel at any time! (my favorite part, I hate restrictions).

Great for Gifting

If you aren’t a huge wine fan but know someone that is. Winc is the perfect gift.