I used to always think that turtlenecks were very old fashioned and grandma-like. To think that they could be considered a “trend” was absurd to me at first.

I wish there was more of a formula to layering. Like you can layer under this but not that. Unfortunately, there is no such formula.


When I used to think about the term “layering” I always assumed you had to do add layers overtop of the base outfit. This season, I am focusing on layering underneath my base outfit!

Think about a sleeveless dress, jumpsuit, or even a bralette. Normally you would layer overtop by adding a leather jacket or sweater. What I have loved this winter is adding tight long sleeve turtlenecks and body suits underneath your dress and jumpsuit.

Specifically, I absolutely love the mesh body suit look. I bought a turtlenecked mesh body suit from American Apparel and wear it all the time under dresses, overalls, and jumpsuits.